Serenity shop woodworking

What’s it all about? Well looking at the title is another woodworking blog. Yeah, kind of. I am a very passionate woodworker, it’s the one thing I’ve always been able to do no matter what was going on in my life. Yet, it’s a lot more than just a woodworking blog. You see for me, at this point in my life it may just be what saved my life.

As it turns out I may just not be that perfect guy! I got issues. My childhood could have been a little better, I could have behaved a lot better, and when I hit young adulthood I made some really big mistakes. So yeah I’ve got some stuff I never really learned how to deal with.

Fast forward some twenty plus years and I’m in my second marriage. My health is starting to become a bit of a problem and I’m out of work on disability. My wife is fantastic! She is super supportive and has stuck with me through some really rough times. We are going back and forth from doctor to doctor, in and out of the emergency room, you name the test I had it done. Two months later every thing is clear. Nothing with the heart or the brain, they have my thyroid in check. They chalk it up to anxiety and sleep apnea. I get my c-pap machine and start seeing a therapist.

Therapy is going ok for a while until I get the flu. I miss a couple sessions then the holidays are here and I keep coming up with excuses to not go. I had finally started getting back into the shop and was putting more time in every day. I was using my time in there to get some stamina back. I had been on the couch for nearly a year and put on about 45 pounds. So I was using the shop as therapy, hence the name Serenity Shop.

To help save some money I made the majority of our Christmas gifts. Cutting boards and jewelry boxes. So the week before Christmas was a little busy and stressful. I ended up exhausted and worn out. By the time we got to her mom’s my will power was gone. I found myself at the liquor table with a glass and the bourbon. Next thing I know is I’m on the floor of the sunroom trying to get out of one of her wicker chairs.

That was the last straw for my wife. I can’t believe I was that far gone.

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