The start of Serenity Shop Woodworking

P3250082Serenity Shop Woodworking

Here we go! Another woodworking blog! Right? Sort of, it’s a little different than your typical woodworking/DIY blog. There will be a lot of that. This is also going to be about my long time battle with anxiety and depression. I’m going to go into how getting out into the shop has, and is turning my life around.

I am by no means a success story, yet! But stick around and let’s find out together, what happens. By the way I’m pretty sarcastic at times, not very politically correct, I try not to offend people on purpose, and always try to be funny.

One thought on “The start of Serenity Shop Woodworking

  1. Love the name! Woodworking has been a big part of keeping me sane and there really is something serene about the sound of a hand plane ect. I have tried to convince my partner that the investment in woodworking equipment would be cheaper then a shrink… but he isnt convinced. 😁 hehe


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