Getting back in the groove

After being out of work for about a year I had lost my stamina and gained too many pounds. Getting back in the groove was not that easy. Plus funding this venture is also a daunting task. These could easily be triggers to push me back into that hole of depression I was still climbing out of. How am I going to avoid this? I needed a plan! I started setting goals. I sat down and wrote out what I wanted to do.

First off I thought about my ultimate goal, what is it I am trying to accomplish? That’s easy, success! Right? Wrong. After thinking about it and talking with my wife and therapist, more I decided I really just wanted to be healthy and happy! Cool, that is the big one! Easy! How do I do that? Short term goals that will focus on the end game. Start small, fully commit to therapy and physical health. Including eating better, getting more exercise, meditating and breathing, improving my relationships, and allowing myself to be happy. Not accomplishing all those things, just committing to them and working on them. Next find something I love to do and start focusing energy on it. Figure out if I am going to be able to work for a company part time to supplement starting a business. It’s it even possible? Make amends for things I have done and regret.

As I progress in therapy I find myself doing the things I laid out in my goals. One thing I started doing I never thought I would is journaling. Which morphed into this blog. It turns out I love writing! So much so I found some freelance writing gigs online and had articles published on the web! They only pay a couple dollars an article but writing them wasn’t about the money. I am going to continue to submit articles and hopefully make some money doing it. I get out into my shop at least four days a week. When I’m there I am able to truly immerse myself into the work. I am able to stop the bag thinking and refocus on positive directions. When I’m not in the shop I am making drawings or marketing. Coming up with funding is a never ending concern as well. I started a Go Fund Me campaign http:// and I am always searching for wood on the side of the road.

Having a plan and working towards my goals are the things that are helping me stay out of the depression hole. Having something to I’m trying to achieve is giving me motivation to get healthy. Putting everything together is already starting to make me happy! I know I still have a long way to go but I’m looking forward to the journey for once in my life.

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