Learning new skills and trying new things

Learning how to do things I was not comfortable with our was not in my skill set did not come easy. It took a while for me to be able to openly speak in front of the group in recovery. Once I started I found it wasn’t as hard or frightening as I thought. The same thing happened with journaling. I discovered I enjoyed writing, a lot!

Getting back into woodworking this new found pursuit of learning new techniques and skills carried over. I had been making relatively simple products and designs. Now I wanted to start stepping it up! The cutting boards I had been making were simple edge grain boards. I would joint the edges and glue them together. Cut them to length, rout a decorative edge, finish sand, and they were pretty much complete. Now I wanted to make end grain boards.


Maple and Black Walnut edge grain cutting board.

End grain boards have a few more steps involved. The boards all need to be the same dimension before the first glue up. Then you glue them like they are going to be a regular edge grain board. Once the glue dries I then cut it across the board to make them the the same size again.


After being cut and then glued again.

If you want the checker board look you need to flip every other one end for end before you glue. Then you glue it up and clamp it again. After it cures you clean up the glue, rout the edge, finish sand, and cost with good safe mineral oil.


Black Walnut and Maple end grain board.

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