Building up the tool inventory on a very tight budget

Being frugal or just not having the cash flow is a common thread among most of us in the early phase of starting out. It is especially true in my case with being unable to work for so long. I was lucky enough to have a few tools donated to me. After that I searched the internet for all the deals I could find.

I stumbled upon a couple of Rigid machines that needed some repair. Having anxiety issues this was a little bit scary! After checking over the tools and doing a lot of research about the cost of parts and how to replace them, I decided to go ahead and purchase them. I ended up paying less than half price including the replacement parts. Now these were not the first tools I looked at and really had to haggle to get the price to where I was comfortable, in case I was mistaken about the repairs.

This idea may not be for everybody! Depending upon your comfort level with repairing tools and machines, you may just need to keep looking for better deals on working equipment. If you are a little handy there is a lot of help on YouTube if you get stuck and need a little assistance. Forums are also very helpful in diagnosing issues and identifying equipment to keep away from.

For me the last thing I need is getting something that would add to my anxiety and depression. Repairing or restoring a tool so that it is going to be of use in the shop gives me a great sense of pride and accomplishment which aides in my overall mental health and recovery.

#toolrepair #woodworkingtools #woodworking #anxiety


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