How I deal when I can’t deal

There are still days I just want stay in bed and not deal with my depression and anxiety! The days where the mere thought of moving seems all but impossible. Maybe there was some stress yesterday or I didn’t get enough sleep, sometimes there just is no reason. What can you do on those days?

2012-09-05 13.20.33Well, I’m still figuring that out. Currently I try to find something I can use that was a win. A good thing I did it that happened, even just a small accomplishment might be enough to give you the momentum you need to get up. On those days I absolutely need to get into the shop!

As long as I can physically get myself into the shop I can always motivate myself to do something in there. Even something as small as cleaning the bench and organizing the tools helps me clear my head. Getting out of my head can usually break me out of my funk.

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