First week thoughts


Out fishing and I saw this!

It has been one week since I launched the blog! To my new friends who are reading and coming along on this journey I say welcome and thank you! I was reading a post in Virtual Vomit  she said it best “I don’t like calling y’all followers because I’m no leader of any sort.” I like to think most of us are all in this together. We are all just looking for our own version of normalcy.

Now that you have read a few of my thoughts and  know what I am up to, I would like to hear a little feedback. We all, I think, are looking for some type of acceptance. Maybe not validation, just to know that there are people out there that “get it”. Please take a minute to write a couple words and let me know your thoughts. Also I am pretty open about my issues, if there is anything you would like to know just ask.

As the blog continues I am also going to get into woodworking a little more. I am going to keep focused on my recovery and the issues that lead me into depression and anxiety. So when I get off track for too long I hope everyone will reign me back in.

Thank you all for reading!

Please subscribe if you have not already! Check out the link to my Facebook page as well, and a campaign you can search serenity shop woodworking to donate if you can.



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