Serenity Shop Woodworking mission

Part of starting this venture is to help people with similar conditions, to be able to work towards recovery. The therapeutic value I receive from getting into the shop has done wonders for my mood and for motivating me to get up and get going.

Having that something in your life that gives you joy and a sense of purpose is very cathartic. During therapy and recovery you need to have and acknowledge the good things and small victories in everyday life. Depression can be so intense that even though you have supportive people telling you good things but you need to actually feel good about something you do. Then you need to allow yourself to feel good to know you are worthy of happiness. It takes some time to get to that point. You need need to start with very little things like getting out of bed, taking a shower, or doing some laundry.

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My shop!

When you get to the point of getting into a routine you can’t forget to add things you enjoy doing. Once you start the daily grind of going to program, doctor appointments, grocery shopping, work if you are able, and every day life it’s easy to forget to take time for you. For me it is the workshop. After meeting some people and talking with them I’ve found some don’t have that outlet or they would like to try woodworking. I want to offer some basic classes for people interested, at no charge, to see what is involved and if they would like to learn more. I’m looking to get donations to start the classes and want to transition them into a self sufficient program. Mass producing quality items to fund the tools and materials needed to keep the class functioning.

One thought on “Serenity Shop Woodworking mission

  1. I too use woodworking, and especially turning as part of my ongoing therapy. I have been treated for mental health disorders since adolescence, and have at times found it difficult to carry on. I made it though, so far.
    In 2014 I was lucky enough to have EMDR therapy, which is used extensively to treat PTSD. It is now being used more and more to treat other disorders. EMDR changed by life. I still have anxiety, depression, and OCD issues, but I am now better equipped to deal with them head on.
    Keep up the good work. I’ll be watching out for progress.

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