Small wins and signs of progress

I was starting to feel a little down yesterday. Thinking about how much my truck repair was going to cost and how I didn’t have the money to pay for it was weighing me down. I could feel the darkness creeping back in and knew I had to cut it off before it took hold. I started my daily routine with a coffee, my meds, a little breakfast, and my emails.


Getting into my emails I found a YouTube video about woodturning. A spinning block of wood with the whirring of the motor in the background, a skew chisel comes into the block and the chips start flying. Some deft maneuvering with a couple of tweaks here and there, and boom! Perfectly formed post cap for a stair newel. After watching the three or four minutes of video I was in a totally different mood. Gone were the bad thoughts and the dark feelings.

I went back to my emails, finishing up my taskd, then set my mind on some goals for the day. Thinking positive thoughts are really starting to lead to positive steps! Making these strides had me looking forward group last night so I could share my small victory. Which, when I did, I was very happy to see that someone I had been in the previous program with had joined the group. I was concerned about them and was very happy to see they were still doing well and staying clean.

Being happy for other people is good but we must remember to also be happy for ourselves. Celebrating small wins and signs of progress will empower us continue. We need to remember that true happiness does and must come from within. We are responsible for our feelings. Choosing to be happy sounds so simple, but as we all know it is very easy to think that life is against us when things are not going our way. Watching a video in program last night Steve Rizzo said “You have to discover you humor being. Finding humor in bad situations can lift you up when you are down.” It’s not the situation you are in that is the problem. It is your reaction to the situation that is the problem.

#woodturning, #depression,#progress #smallwins, #humorbeing, #choosehappiness


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