The inevitable

This has been coming on for a few days. I have been fighting hard against it, using all the skills I’ve learned. Thankfully I have been preparing myself a little bit for the set back. Getting out to the shop this morning I had a strange feeling something was off.

Let’s go back a little bit. The truck breaking down is part of my stress, I’ve had a couple other small things adding to it. So those feelings of dread were creeping back in. Now back to this morning, going into the shop I want myself. My attitude was off. There was no anticipation or looking forward to working. I was having the rambling thoughts taking over my mind again. As I started doing some tasks I normally am able get out of my and focus on what I’m doing. Thankfully I was not doing anything potentially dangerous, but did keep making mistakes.

Like I said earlier it is inevitable. There will be set backs and bumps in the road, while I’m not completely over it yet, I am not in the same state I would have been a few months ago. The main thing is I didn’t crawl into bed or into a bottle. I acknowledged my feelings and processed them the best way that I could by writing about them.

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