A little more of the same

Still trying to defend against this current set back or slight relapse. Not falling back into my old patterns of isolating myself and focusing on only negative thoughts, I was able to get some shop time in yesterday. And even though I was tired and trying to find ways to get out of it I made it to group. I was very glad I did. I always feel better after group, getting out some of my feelings and thoughts with other people help lighten me.


Yesterday’s turning.

Getting into the shop I was pretty productive. I was able to finish turn a Cherry bowl. It’s about 10″ in diameter and almost 5″ tall, to date it is my largest bowl. Even though I was feeling a little low this gave me some sense of pride and accomplishment. Removing it from the lathe I noticed a few blemishes I need to correct, but that is part of the process. In addition to the bowl I started work on a new cutting board. It is from the same Cherry tree. I started with the other half of the log I made the bowl from. Cutting it into boards on the band saw and table saw, then running through the planer and jointer to get it to final dimension.


Preparing for glue up.

This will be the first glue up. After it is set up I will cross cut it, stand the pieces on edge, and glue it again. This will make an end grain board that is better for the cutting edge of your knives. It also does not show the marks from cutting and chipping as much. It is more work but I think it is a better product for more regular use.

Just as it is with woodworking, recovery takes hard work, dedication, and honing your skills. It has taken me over 15 years to acquire the skills and tools to make the things I enjoy making at the level I am comfortable offering for sale. So I do not expect this recovery to occur overnight. I need to keep building my skills and acquiring tools to help me grow.


All glued upup.

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