Back on the brighter side

Maybe it is the nice weather of the past few days or it could be I’m getting more things accomplished, but things feel better! I haven’t been noticing the aches pains as much as I normally do. Physically I’ve been able to move around a little better and for longer periods of time between rests. Still struggling on the mental side of things with feeling anxious and a little bit depressed, but at least I can get into the shop.


Finished the cutting board from the last post.

Stress is still hard to get a handle on and every time I think I’m starting to gain some ground I find out how wrong I am. Thankfully it is not as debilitating as it has been in the recent past, and is not lasting as long. So there is some progress happening. The main issues lately, of course, are having to do with money.


Re-worked Cherry bowl.

I’m starting to deal with the money issue by listing some of my items on Etsy, the store name is SerenityShopWoodwork. There are only a couple items listed so far, and will be adding items as soon as they are completed.

Thank you all for reading along with me. I appreciate you listening and live reading the comments! Please keep them coming! Subscribe and share with your friends!




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