Dealing with relapse

Dealing with this lack of sleep has been very difficult. I finally got back to a med appointment and had my scripts refilled. They also gave me something to help me sleep. Although the last couple days I have been feeling pretty crummy the pills made me sleep. I have some kind of bug or something going on my whole body is achy and my head is in a fog. Last night I got almost twelve hours. When I awoke I was groggy like I couldn’t believe. I guess after not sleeping for over three weeks for more than three hours a night it catches up to you.


Other than the sleep problems I have been getting some bad news almost daily. I’m trying to focus on the good but the depression has been winning out lately. Going through some of my wins I found an article I recently had published, “Does relapse mean starting from zero, in recovery?”. It was recently published here at It’s a quick read and has given me some inspiration to keep moving forward. Like Rocky Balboa said “ It ain’t about how hard you get hit, it’s about how hard you get hit and keep moving forward.” Feel like I’ve been getting hit really hard lately, really trying to get back up and keep moving forward.
Going to group, making my appointments, taking my meds, and keeping my schedule is helping me to keep moving forward. Often it is very hard to take the first step of the day, but once I do the momentum starts building and it gets easier.

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