Completed projects

Finally got back to work! Made more than a few cutting boards and have them listed on Etsy. I’m really starting to enjoy my time in the shop again. Just making some items and listing them for sale gives me that sense of accomplishment.


Black Walnut burl approximately 12″ x 15″ x 1″


11½” Diameter Oak and Maple cheese/serving board.

The link to the store on Etsy is here- I have a few items for sale. If you see anything you like you can purchase it here by making a donation in the amount of 10% off the Etsy price of the item. Email me and I will ship it at no extra cost. See the donate link in the sidebar.


10″ x 13″ x ¾” oak and maple serving board.

Getting back on track after these setbacks in recovery are very crucial to my long term health. Being able to analyze the way I felt the last week is a huge step forward. It was not a complete relapse, but mainly a flu that caused some feelings of depression and anxiety. Before starting recovery this would have lasted for two or three weeks opposed to six days. So the progress is there and measurable!


Oak and Maple serving board

I’m up to ten followers and a bunch of likes! You guys are all awesome! When I started writing this blog I never thought anyone would even read it, let alone follow me. Thank you all so much for reading and commenting. I appreciate the words as well as reading your blogs. I get inspiration from your stories and from the poetry. You are all very talented!

Thanks for listening and tell me what you think, be honest I’m a big boy.

Positive thoughts lead to positivactions. -Me

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