Celebrating some victories

Early stage recovery often deals with pain and hard work, sometimes relapse. Taking the time to acknowledge the good things are very important to sustaining recovery. Some of my first little wins were getting out of bed, going to program, and then starting to be productive again.



As recovery progresses the wins become a little bigger. Two weeks ago I was easily able to fight off the urge to drink. I had the thought, accepted it, and asked myself why I wanted to drink. I had gotten some crummy news regarding disability and I wanted to escape the sadness. Just taking the time to step back and think about it gave me time I needed to get passed the craving. Wins don’t always need to be recovery related I had entered a social media contest from http://www.Rockler.com. Thank you! I won two of these LED 4′ Shop Lights http://www.rockler.com/4-led-shop-light.


Recovery is dependent upon choices, choosing to accept help, choosing life, choosing to grow, choosing to be mindful. Understanding the choices we made in the past got us to this point in time, and that no matter how bad it was, you are not your disease or addiction. You are making the choice to be here in the present, not regretting the past, and not waiting for the future. You are here every day, one day at a time. Accepting what is, who you are now, and learning how to cope with things in new healthy ways. Life is good!

Thankful for today!

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