Working with what you have

Being relatively new in business or actually just trying to establish myself, I need to be as frugal as possible. Utilizing every bit of the materials I have on hand is very important to maximizing any profit I may earn. Waste of any kind is not acceptable. You must become creative at coming up with small projects so even scraps can be potential profit.


Live edge Black Walnut

Something as innocuous as an off cut less than three feet long and ten inches wide at the widest.(Pictured above) Can be turned into something useful and beautiful like a hall/entrance shelf. Adding some hooks for keys and hats would make it very useful. I put a contrasting maple skirt and brackets under the walnut shelf. I am still making the pegs fit the keys. They will be turned from scrap walnut glued into the skirt. It will be finished with lacquer.

Business card holders I make from even smaller scrap pieces. My goal is to waste little of the material as I possibly can. Starting out with this habit and continuing as I grow will do nothing but help the bottom line.

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