Committed! Should I or not?

Should I be committed? It’s something I’ve been thinking been thinking a lot about lately. No, I’m not talking about an institution! I’m talking about committing to this venture I’ve started. I have a track record of starting things with great intentions, but when things didn’t start happening right away I became discouraged and gave up.

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Since entering treatment for anxiety and depression I have been expressed to many inspiration quotes and sayings. Their use in recovery was very beneficial, and still is. I’m sure I’m not alone in that while in recovery for depression, I started to evaluate my life in general. Woodworking has always made me happy. Thinking about doing it for a living started giving me a sense of purpose i had lost or forgotten. Knowing how I’m great at starting but not great following through, it was tough convincing my wife. Having a disability made it a little easier, in that, I really can’t work more than three hours without having to sit for an hour.

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I started playing with ideas and came up with the name Serenity Shop. Looking around online and finding there were a lot of them, I added Woodworking. Serenity Shop Woodworking was born. Now I have the name, a good idea, and a plan, wait, I don’t have a plan! Shit! How do I not have a plan? Although I have started a couple other endeavors, I really never worked a business plan. Which could be the reason I was discouraged and walked away. Where do I start? What do I need to include? Time to do some more research.

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Research completed, I came up with a pretty solid plan, now it’s time to implement. Once you have all your ducks in a row, what’s next? Well, that’s where the hard work and perseverance come in. Now is the beginning of the journey. Time to take all those positive sayings and motivational poster and put them to use! One of the three things I heard that struck a chord with me was in an interview with the actor Will Smith. In it he said “Success is developing the habit of doing the things that most people either won’t or don’t want to do. When other people are sleeping, I’m working.” He also said “If you want something  go get it, period!”

2 thoughts on “Committed! Should I or not?

  1. Ah it goes like that – ups n downs – some days LOADS of motivation – other days none; those are the days you will most likely need to give the ‘inner bully’ a good slap – tell him to take a hike and take some action, no mater how small – consistency is key – as long as you keep taking steps forward, no matter how small ….. you WILL succeed – Good Luck with it – Best of wishes 🙂


    • Thank you! That is exactly what I’m doing differently this time. Everyday I do something for the business, I understand that some days will be boring paperwork or marketing days. All the stuff that needs to happen and that’s where the commitment comes in.

      Thanks again,

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