Enjoying shop time again

Since my last relapse, I have really struggled to back to where I was in my recovery. One of the things that truly angered me was my inability to enjoy my time in the workshop. I continued force myself to to work, and was able to, but got little to no enjoyment out of what I loved to do.

After talking to my healthcare provider and adjusting my medication, I am happily enjoying my shop time. Years ago my buddies would call me ‘This Old Vincent’. Combining, This Old House, and Norm Abrams, analogies. I was always building something or working in the shop. While I was out in the shop the other day it just popped into my head I had a little laugh. Then I started thinking about some of the good old days and I noticed I was actually smiling to myself! Even though some of the guys have passed, I remembered them from those times. I miss them dearly and wish they were still here, but I am happy for the time they were in my life.

Mostly I  have been doing some turning. It’s starting to get really hot in there and I have limited power. I am working on fixing that so I can get an air conditioner going. I have been having some luck with selling lately, and  I am looking into some more ways to market. I’m really trying to get this venture moving forward. I’ve accepted a part time job that should start within a month or so. Working with 17 to 21 year old kids transitioning out of fostercare into independent living. The main focus will be cooking their meals but I will get to teach them some cooking skills.


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