Back to the old keyboard!

With all the stuff going on, good and not so good, I have been letting things get in the way of my blogging. It has really started bothering me lately. Now I’m able to do something about it. In no way shape or form am I saying I’m anywhere close to cured. My days are filling up with more normal pursuits. Cautious not to let my guard down, I am having regular days again.

Putting some finishing touches on my business and sales forum website,, while looking for and applying to part time jobs, has been rough. Thankfully it isn’t having a negative effect on my recovery. I’m staying diligent with my medication and focused on recovery plan. Focusing a little on my physical condition needs to become more of a priority, my weight is coming off slowly, yet I need more exercise.

The heat has been hampering me a bit in the way of working in the shop but I have a fair amount of products ready for sale. Most my issues now are finding ways to market them inexpensively and finding some investors of capital. I have a few craft shows I want to enter and start an advertising campaign that all cost money!

Lately the car Gods have been angered, my truck will not be fixed for a while because of the cost. Now my wife’s car has had three issues consecutively and we just don’t have the money to fix it. We also can’t live without it…

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